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Cara MacKay Jancsar - BSc NeuroSc, DD

She graduated at the top of her class

Cara, who graduated at the top of her class, is the founder of All Smiles Woodstock Denture Clinic. She opened her business’ doors in February 2018. With a new owner, name and location, All Smiles, is bringing a breath of fresh air to the dental community in Oxford County, offering premium denture services (complete, partial, implant retained, relines, repairs etc.) to those in need.

Cara is trained in the latest techniques and technologies, allowing for a superior level of care to be offered to patients. Our mission at All Smiles is to offer patient centred dental care that not only rehabilitates oral function, but, increases confidence and satisfaction in our patients’ daily lives. All Smiles plans to collaborate with the professional dental community to provide holistic dental care for all patients.

“There is something to be said for experience. There is also something to be said for youthful ambition and the positive change it can bring” Cara adds, “Being a new graduate, operating this practice and being mentored by the previous owner and several other dental professionals, is the perfect opportunity to bring about positive change in both the practice and local dental community”.

Cara is one of the Small Business Centre’s successful Starter Company+ Program participants. The Small Business Centre Manager, Ronda Stewart comments “Through hard work, goal setting, balancing time management and creating a plan, Cara exudes youthful ambition. She also exemplifies razor sharp focus and dedication to achieving her dreams in a very purposeful way. We look forward to supporting her ongoing success!”

As both Cara’s business and family expanded in June of 2019, she made the decision to partner her business with dear friend and colleague, Harry Bang. Harry brings over 15 years of dental experience to the team as both a registered dental technician and denturist!

If you or anyone you know requires denture care or has any questions or concerns related to denture care, please contact us. If you are in the area, please drop in to say hello and see our new space. Should you require your old patient files at anytime please reach out to our office and we would be more than happy to help you!

Cara is a proud life-long resident of Oxford County and is dedicated to serving those in her community. She looks forward to building positive relationships with all those looking to improve their smile. We smile when you smile!

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